4 Days Mount Meru Climbing

Before you arrive, Keys arranges for all guides, porters, Park fees, huts or camping, and all food necessary for your climb.

The day before you climb you will usually arrive at Key’s for dinner and overnight, as well as a full briefing by our experienced staff.

As you climb - at the lower altitudes and depending on the weather, you may find it more comfortable to wear shorts, T-shirt and trainers or lightweight shoes and socks, but you are advised to carry lightweight rainproof gear in your backpack.

Do NOT climb higher than 9000ft (2700m) if you have:

  • a respiratory infection
  • a sore throat
  • a cold
  • a cough
  • a high temperature
  • a nose bleed

Precaution: There is controversy concerning the taking of medication for altitude sickness. The current advice from the British Medical Association is that you should take it three days before you reach a high altitude and continue to take it until you descend to the gate. The Tanzanian view is that you should not take any medication until, or if, you have the symptoms of altitude sickness. It is quite possible that you may not feel the effects of altitude at all.

Hire of equipment: Certain items of equipment may be available for hire at Reception, in Moshi.

Extra day: You may wish to spend an extra day at Horombo on the Marangu route, or Shira on the Machame route, in order to acclimatise more fully, although this may not always be possible during the busiest climbing periods.

Gratuities: We are often asked about gratuities – they are, of course, always at your discretion. Please let us know if your guide or his porters press you for tips as they have all been forbidden to do this.

Health Requirements: Yellow Fever Inoculation is necessary and must be done no later than 10 days prior to departure, (If you have had previous Liver disorders you must consult your physician first). Your International Vaccination Certificate must be taken with you.

Anti-Malaria tablets are also necessary - please consult your pharmacist or physician.

Visas - Visas are required for all passport holders. Your passport should be valid for minimum 6 months after return date from Tanzania, and have ample pages for visas.

Travel Insurance - We strongly recommend that you take out Travel Insurance. This must cover you for Medical Costs while doing the Kilimanjaro Climb.

Mount Meru Climbing Day by Day

1Day One: Arrive Keys Hotel for dinner and overnight

Arrive at the hotel. Dinner and overnight at Keys Hotel (BB)

2Day Two: Enter Arusha National Park and begin ascent of Mt Meru

Having almost caught up on our sleep, we depart the Keys Hotel for our first challenge, an ascent of Mount Meru (4,566m). Although smaller than Kilimanjaro, it is not to be underestimated! Our walk begins after a 2 ½ hour drive to the park gate and we head for Mirikamba Hut (2,520m). We find ourselves walking through the Arusha National Park with a view across the plains of Africa behind us and, in front, a fantastic view of Mount Meru. Giraffes, buffalo and monkeys are a regular sight here. As you ascend, the forest gets deeper and the track winds through it with interest. The walk takes around 3 hours, leaving time to take in the views and the huts provide dormitory type accommodation.

Overnight at Miriakamba hut. (FB)

3DAY THREE: Climb to the Saddle Hut on Mt Meru

After a full breakfast with a great view of Kilimanjaro to the east, it is time to trek up to the Saddle (3,566m) on Mount Meru. The vegetation starts to change as height is gained and we emerge from the forest and eventually arrive at Saddle Hut after 4 ½ hours. It is time for lunch, followed by a short ascent of Little Meru (3,820m) in the afternoon for extra acclimatization. After soaking up the view its back to the Saddle Hut to prepare for our first big day, Meru summit. It is important to get some sleep at this point, which is sometimes easier said than done during the early hours.

Overnight at Saddle hut (FB)

4DAY FOUR: Summit day on Mt Meru and head back to Keys Hotel Moshi for rest (4,556m/14,947ft)

An exciting day today as we wake at midnight for an early breakfast. Our climb begins under a blanket of stars and we eventually reach our first milestone After 1-hour, Rhino Point (3,800m). After a short descent and a steady Scramble over sloping slabs, it is now uphill all the way to the summit. The Route sees us climb the remaining part of the crater wall that surrounds the ash cone in the centre of the volcano. As we near the top the sun breaks the Horizon and bathes everything in a warm orange glow. The final rocky stretch leads to the summit and we are rewarded with a view of our surroundings, Including Kilimanjaro to the east. It takes 6 - 8 hours to reach the summit Where the photo opportunities are not to be missed. Return to Miriakamba Hut for light lunch. Walk back to the Park gate (2 hours). Drive back to Keys Hotel for hot shower, dinner and overnight

Overnight Keys Hotel (BB)