Maasai Village Cultural Tours

After breakfast take your lunch pack from the hotel and drive to Maasai Village (Olpopongi).

Stay with Maasai family, have opportunity to witness and experience Maasai culture with a visit to their traditional houses. Get to know your host by a brief introduction from both sides in Swahili language by the Maasai women and men. You will be introduced to Village Leaders who will provide you with any information you need to know about the Maasai life. See how Maasai, among the last of the World’s Patrol people are coming to terms with 21st Century in their own time. Please do not hesitate visit, discuss with the women on issues related to their normal and daily life including women circumcision. Participate in making beads and have a chance of dancing and singing with the Maasai Women. A view into culture and daily life of Maasai people should not be missed while you are in Tanzania. Do not forget your camera, as Maasai will not mind taking pictures with you on their pictures.