Old Moshi Cultural Tours

This full day tour will take you through the beautiful countryside surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro filled with banana and coffee farms. Here you will be able to learn more about farming practices, and the local life of the Chagga people and the chiefdom system. You will also be able to explore historical sites and learn more about the rich history of Old Moshi as your guide tells you stories dating back to before German colonization. Some historical sites you will visit are: the tree where Mangi (Chief) Meli was hanged by the Germans in 1900, the palace of the chief, German military base from the 1890’s and cemetery and old slave market ruins, Kitimbitihu, the site where the Christian missionaries from Germany first preached the word of God and baptized the first peoples on the slope of Mount Kilimanjaro in around 1885. After visiting the historical sites you can sit down and enjoy local banana beer.

In the afternoon you will enjoy a delicious local lunch made by mamas in the village, followed by Kidia Lutheran Church, an original stone church built by German missionaries, as well as Kidia dispensary where you will learn about Doctor Bruno Gutman. You will finish a tour with scenic hike to Mambori waterfalls. Along the way to the waterfall, your guide will tell you the story of how Mambori waterfalls received its name and explain the medicinal uses for a variety of naturally growing plants along.