Rundugai Cultural Tours

Depart from Keys hotel Moshi and drive to Rundugai cultural tourism village. It is 25km from the Kilimanjaro International Airport, Drive through the roundabout to Boma then turn south to the village office-just after crossing the railway. For visitors coming from Moshi the village is 38 kms away. While there is different tour activities in this village, visitors get stunning views of both Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Probably the most known are the Maasai raiding their cattle and following closely their tribal culture together with Pare and Chagga people who altogether have different traditions and ways of life.

When you arrive at village the tour starts at Kijiweni sub-village which serves Maasai Market on Mondays. The tour will proceed to a home of a highly respected Midwife who will explain how she does her work for the community, continue to the village Herbalist to learn on different traditional medicines provided with the herbalist for various diseases then local weavers for weaving experiences in different weaving products i.e. mats, baskets, On the other side of Majengo sub-village you will meet Pare’s and Chaga’s farms where you will meet different irrigation fields such as rice field, Onion field and many other vegetable crops such as Okra, Egg plants and tomatoes mostly grown for local consumption by the community. The tour will go through the Kikuletwa Hot spring for swimming and then take your way to the lunch site, after lunch drive back to Keys hotel for overnight.