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Take an instant climb to the peak of the hill to capture every moment,
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Accommodation services

We provide premium quality accommodations for everyone visiting the country. Explore the various options now.


Our team can help you find the best accommodation at your vacation destination, and we also appoint guides for your daily trips.


The most important aspect of any journey is safety, and we assure the best services in terms of a safe journey.

Beach Holidays

Soak yourself in the water and the sunlight as you spend the whole week of the holiday by the beach.


One of the most important aspects of a tour should be the proper selection of the activity for an event or party; nothing could replace that experience.

Sightseeing by Helicopter

It is time to have a bird’s eye view of the city you are in. Get the best deals for this aerial tour.

Know Yourself, Challenge Yourself.


Our teams of guides have long time experience with first aid medical knowledge on the mountain which guarantees your safety. We carry oxygen tanks on each climb for emergency. We check the clients every morning and evening by using pulse oximeter during the climb. If clients’ oxygen saturation is below an acceptable level, we have emergency bottled oxygen. 

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Climbing packages

We offer different packages for climbing trips. Grab your equipment and safety harness to climb to the first foothold.

Safari packages

The dunes and the heat are all set to amaze you in the arid regions. Explore the dry and bleak regions with this safari.


Every tour we organize for you and your group comes with the best activities designed for the maximum party experience.

Travel Have Adventures

At Keys, our passion is mountain climbing and we focus on guest satisfaction!

We develop the best vacation experience for you by coordinating the team for a great view of the summit.

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